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Electric Power Parts

I connected my mini amp kit with blue tooth but can’t connect.
Make sure you have power to the blue tooth device. If you have power but still can’t pick up the signal, disconnect the blue tooth from the power and touch the positive and negative wire from the blue tooth together. Reconnect to power.
I have installed the blue tooth mini amp kit but I am not getting any sound.
Check that the green LED light is lit on the amp itself. If the light is off, check the inline fuse.
I am installing my Madjax MJ1230C converter and when I connect the yellow wire to the main positive, I am getting a large spark.
The spark is common. You should disconnect the pig tail from the converter and connect it to the battery terminals then reconnect pigtail to converter. You will still get the spark but it will be contained in the connector instead of at the battery.
I have installed my MJ1230C converter and am only getting 9-10 volts form the red accessory wire.
Make sure your accessories are grounded back to the main negative of the battery pack.
I connected my Madjax 1612V converter and am still getting 16 volts.
That converter is designed to not reduce the power until it has a draw. So it will show full voltage until you turn on one or more of the accessories connected to it.
I just connected my volt meter and it shows only half charge but the battery pack has a full charge.
The meter needs to sync with your battery pack. Drive the cart for 20 minutes or so and then charge. The meter should then read correctly.
My blue tooth amp kit quits playing when I press the accelerator.
Make sure the blue tooth receiver is not in the battery box or close to the motor. The battery pack and electric motor produce RF signal that will interfere with the blue tooth reception.
Will the 600 amp controller drain my battery quicker than a 400 or 500 amp controller?
Yes and No, the controller is only going to supply as much current as you need, so it will draw higher current when under a load, like going up a hill or coming out of a ditch. On average the controller will not consume anymore power than your stock controllers. That being said, if you are trail riding up and down hills and constantly being under heavy load then yes, it will drain the battery pack quicker.
Do I need to install larger wires and higher amperage solenoid?
No, our controller is designed to work with stock wires and solenoids. You can upgrade your wires and solenoid to decrease heat build up but it is not required.
My OTF programmer is not responding when I change the settings.
Make sure the programmer is not locked. Also verify that the programmer has not come unplugged from the controller.
Will the Torque controller make may cart go faster?
It will make a stock cart go faster. Basically our controller allows the motor you have to run as fast as it is capable of running. If your cart already has a speed code in it it may not go any faster than what you currently have. Your battery pack, solenoid and motor have a lot to do with performance. If one of those parts are weak or starting to show signs of breaking down, this controller may see that as a problem and work improperly or not at all. Make sure all terminals are clean and making good contact. Same should be done with motor and solenoid wiring as well.